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We are one of the ambassadors in Brazil. And this present article is not only about the necessity of the platforms but in some way in any geopolitical territory:


The connection of the ecosystem maintenance to the production capacity and of work will eventually result in the extinction of the inhabitants whether from the artificial ecosystem or natural.

An ecosystem doesn’t support itself by the capacity of its preservation components, but the invulnerability of its primary energy sources of damages and consumption.

If environmental preservation preserves the ecosystem, it is the independent generation of the vital means that allows live maintenance as diversity. Where habitat survival is conditioned to its inhabitant’s capacity to support themselves, or worse, support their whole environment, it’s just a matter of time until the colony or species disappear by dispute or vital means shortage.

Indeed, not only the primary source of energy generation of the whole ecosystem can’t depend of individuals as the ecosystem cannot depend primarily on the individual production (economic). If each creature depended uniquely and exclusively on its own efforts and not from the natural abundance of the most basic and vital resources, the constant state of risk would not only be of reiterated conflict, but lead to extinction

The Sun, the root of all life on Earth isn’t given for free of charge neither it charged for; and the persistence in fictitious judgments of values over these natural means and values such as water or earth will lead us not only to artificially make them even more rare, but to bring them to extinction in its natural form.

There wouldn’t be any form of life if the fundamental means and resources life generators were priority or responsible for the creatures that depend on them. The bigger the cost to acquire vital means lesser guaranteed is the subsistence and the lesser is guaranteed the subsistence of each member of the species, greater is the possibility of extinction.

Therefore the ecosystem should not only guarantee primary sources of energy and absolutely abundant and unconditional subsistence, but the access to vital auto-sustainable means without any impediment. The unconditional access to common goods and vital means provision should be guaranteed to every person that unconditionally dwells in this platform while it exists and they intend to live and coexist socially in peace.

Of course, by not monopolizing all natural space necessary to the subsistence, the platform doesn’t need to arrogate the obligation to take care of the people who don’t wish to take place in their societies. And could not only requiring a high level of morality, performance and productivity also, from their inhabitants, by being able to simply taking back to the continent the people who did not fulfill their voluntary social duties, can’t simply expel pacific dissidents or compel them with coercion to adhere “collective wills”.

To fall into this temptation is the same as shutting down the Seasteading experience in the technocratic dictatorships. To fall into this totalitarian ideology is the same as renouncing the Seasteading platforms as new worlds. Without the pretention to emulate technology and socially life itself in its free and natural order, the platforms will never be a network of eco cities in the ocean capable of giving life support as a new free territory, but are simply an advanced colonization station of the old civilizations and their imperial pax.

Independently of the continental space or not, the capacity of a new environment to give life support, must include the incentive that all new worlds have: the possibility for each person to build their own assets, thoughts and values network according to his free will and peace communion.

The large property of natural life is that it, unlike the artificial corporate states (Hobbesian) are not dictatorships of the planned shortages or of the means and values possibilities predeterminations. In the worlds the environment should and must be fit for life and liberty, and not for the resources and labor, they must be done unconditionally through the necessary means to self-determination, self-organization and innovation.

Life and its development are founded on revolutions and evolutions; in the innovation given by coexistence and peaceful paradigm competition, not only scientific, but above all economic, religious and political, in the coexistence of all cult diversity and no culture discrimination or supremacist prerogatives of any kind. If the planet was reduced to geopolitical borders of just one country or a single culture, the cult supremacies to the absolute would reduce the diversity exactly as all carnivore species act closed inside the borders of an island up until the limit of its own predation. Homo homini lupus.

Therefore at the same time that the Seasteadings life platform should be beyond the reach of judgments and perceptions of their inhabitants, the population should at all times, to all generations have the right to formulate their societies and peace communions. The social contracts which govern a same platform or network should be real laws, in permanent formulation by the human generations with full liberty of association and disassociation and free trade of their common interests.

As it is for peace and liberty in real time that should be governed each platform and its inhabitants, there is therefore a tacit commitment required from all: power projects and violence intolerance, above all the deprivation of the necessary means, means which carries all beings to fight for subsistence or allurement to the alienated armies of power up until the destruction of the means of life and environments.

Each Seasteading, therefore should emulate both the social security state and the ecosystem ownership and provision of natural rights. Not only having natural resources provisioned, but the absolute possibility of freedom of expression of thought, negotiation and societies, as long as they are of peace. There should be a libertarian republic ready to support itself in an independent form and to be able to re-introduce and disseminate free life and liberty on the old continents.

The colonization of inhospitable territories, and the construction of artificial ecosystems requires, therefore overcoming the state work paradigm, or more precisely the habitat constitution which can simulate the life forms support of the same principal of the natural world, that is: the provision of vital means not conditioned to morality productivity or the capability of the population. The life support platform should be capable of unconditionally providing the necessary resources in sufficient measures, but in abundant quantity to all inhabitants being by consequent duty to all preserve and protect this life support system as a vital and environmental mean.

All natural people are equal in authority on common good, and should guarantee each other, mutually, the necessary basic means and resources to practice your right of self-determination on their own particular lives, so as to participate on the decisions over common good.

Self-preservation as principle. Self-organization as means. And Self-sustain as goal. But before everything there has to be courage and this kind of courage is only found in people of faith enabling them to revolutionize or build new worlds. Yes faith, but not on the dogmas and powers and landlords, there has to be faith in liberty. Because if to live we must, to navigate we must also.

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