from book: What we learned from the practice of Basic Income — A compendium of Writings and Data (Translation by Monica Puntel, Leonardo Puntel, Carolina Fisher and Revison by Tracy Halls. Art by Júlia Cristofi.)

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I want more. I want to question a whole lot more than this. I want to ask if we will be equal to the south and peripheral east of the world much like to the north and west geopolitical centres of the old world? Or will it be that we will let our nationalists’ supremacists and their apartheid states drag us into even more conflict and destruction?

Population against population supremacy; genes against genes; classes against classes; and above all else supremacy of our species against all other life forms especially against the other life forms inside our own species which will lead us to the destruction of diversity and life itself.

The materialistic-deterministic preconception of the beings with resources and objects of the supremacists merely don’t ignore the right of all the others to the same vital and environmental means, the supremacy makes an object of consumption of the alienated. The man is the man’s wolf not figuratively speaking, but for the simple reason he literally consumes the other forms of existence starting out with his fellow men as if they didn’t have anima or sensitivity.

We aren’t living an ideological fight, we live the libertarian fight, a demand for the paradigm of a new generation also has a place and free time in today’s world. This isn’t a clash of classes, this is a libertarian fight. Basic income isn’t just an order and right issue, it’s a classic revolutionary issue founded by legitimate social contracts. Therefore, it is necessary to have courage, it is necessary to have responsibility, it is necessary to have free initiative. It is necessary to be contemporary of your time and live your own story. Either we forget the imaginary boundaries and start to respect each other like humans gifted with universal and natural rights, or we embitter the death of the Planet and the ensuing death of humanity as a cosmopolitan dream.

We must practice what we preach. To live in places which you know only of through books and, above all there is good to do for both the state and society with your own hands and resources. Because who will never come to know what misery really is or not even practice liberty, will never not only know why when it comes to basic income: will not know, won’t want to know and will be angry with those who do know.

Therefore, you have to understand that if there are people destitute of rights then there are people gaining from domination. Where there is fundamental liberty and rights deprivation, there are whites and blacks; and my friend, if you are not the king of the world, if you are not the son of the king of the world. Then it doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, your genes, ancestry or where you came from or were born. It doesn’t matter how white you think you are or how white you appear to others, you can be sure of one thing, you are not white enough. You, just like me, are Black.

For my part, I don’t have the slightest doubt whatsoever:

However white an uninformed racist (black or white) thinks I am, I know who I am and who I want to be: I am black in body and soul. I may have been born, and raised as being white, but I’m proud of myself to consciously and voluntarily become black, latino and American — and to top it all off, Brazilian, and Brazilian in the derogatory sense of the word Brazilian. Ethnic, of mixed race, cultural, indolent, subversive bum, all the meanings the nationalist moralists enjoy calling everything there is against being Brazilian since the first wretched settlers set foot here and sentenced these “faithless, lawless and kingless” people to their deaths.

I have native American blood, but also gringo. However not being white isn’t a gene issue. Therefore, the same way that there isn’t a true libertarian that isn’t an advocate of the liberation and abolishment of the man to man exploration, there isn’t a libertarian that calls himself an expert of the necessity of freedom without identifying himself with the native American and black ethnicity and even being a gringo doesn’t leave for the patronage barricade of the non-whites the non-supremacists the non-violent.

If you find a legitimate white born in Brazil and Latin American just because he doesn’t have dark reddish or yellow skin, wasn’t born in the favelas or isn’t poor or living in misery, it is to be a complete moron in towards your identity. It’s like a Brazilian afro descendent suburban neo-Nazi gang member: at least a complete ignorant of whom they are, and what they think of him, his “ideological brothers” from the north of the equator.

Yes I’m black, a dissident and politically exiled inside my own country. And blacks, refugees, exiled, marginalized, Latin Americans, Africans, poor people around the world don’t earn liberties nor independence from their left wing governments even less from the right wing: they conquer it together and without ingenuity against the lack of political will and egotistical economics in order to get off behind the walls of this world which is far too white, too pure to blend in, too guilty to not hide themselves.

No? Unlike me, you don’t consider yourself black. You are white, western, Caucasian, student and a scholar, hard worker and a businessman, mollycoddled, family man, and on top of all that proud too? Ok. Who am I to disagree? I believe that each of us should freely define your own identity, but don’t forget to ask the 0.1% supremacists of the world if they also agree with your self-determination and self-identification, first ask if they at least think you’re as white as they are so that you can get inside their clubs and territories and at least have the same rights as their nationalities. But take care that you don’t end up the same as Ivan the Fool as told by Tolstoy’s fairy tale for children.

I pity those who have no land to live on, but I have even more pity for those who live on their own land and think they own it, but don’t have the right to harvest its fruits.

I pity the black man who thinks he is white just because he is less black, I pity even more the white man who thinks he is more of a person just because of the color of his skin.

I pity the national habitant who thinks he is a citizen just because he was born in the land. I pity his descendant who thinks he belongs to his genes because he has the same blood as his ancestors.

I pity who doesn’t understand the mind of the all-powerful and their myths and supremacist cults because they will all be sacrificed.

I pity who sells his integrity and freedom for being afraid of the bread, but damn all cowards who sells and surrenders his brothers in exchange for comfort and power.

I pity the refugee left at the mercy of those who live off other people’s misery, but I pity even more the self-centered man on his land whom one day will also be sold as a slave by his governors in expediency just like his own stupidity and self-centred mind with his own human condition.

“When the Nazis took the communists, I kept my mouth shut, because, after all, I wasn’t a communist. When they arrested the social-democrats, I kept my mouth shut, because, after all, I wasn’t a social-democrat. When they took the union members, I didn’t protest, because, after all, I wasn’t a syndicalist. When they took the Jewish, I didn’t protest, because, after all, I’m not Jewish. When they took me, there wasn’t anyone left to protest.”

Martin Niemoller when in Nazi Germany

[1] It’s always good to highlight every level of professionalism of the political imbecilization of the right and left wing propaganda which I just don’t only support the civil rights of the refugee but I even defend full political and economic rights and equal for all immigrants- illegal included, as long as he resides pacifically in Brazil. My critic, therefore is against the lack of solidarity and even the passiveness of the common citizen and his permissiveness with both xenophobia and fascism from the extremist right wing as well as the usage of these people as maneuver paws of the already disgusted needy population before the old and corrupt populist left wing and their leaderships in power, a left wing equally authoritarian and at the end of things an even greater betrayer to humanity than the most abominable fascists. Because these are the declared enemies of the human beings, the populists are our black brothers who sell and traffic us to the supremacists in exchange for a place to stay in the big house.

X-Textos: Não recomendado para menores de idade e adultos com baixa tolerância a contrariedade, críticas e decepções de expectativas. Contém spoilers da vida.

X-Textos: Não recomendado para menores de idade e adultos com baixa tolerância a contrariedade, críticas e decepções de expectativas. Contém spoilers da vida.