Letter to the European Basic Income Week

from book: What we learned from the practice of Basic Income — A compendium of Writings and Data (Translation by Monica Puntel, Leonardo Puntel, Carolina Fisher and Revison by Tracy Halls. Art by Júlia Cristofi.)

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It was asked of me to send some words for the basic income week in Europe. It is with great pleasure that I answered the request. Here follows my not so succinct, but hopefully relevant message:

I’ve been practicing and defending a basic income formed by libertarian popular initiative, founded in principles of direct democracy, which can be simply summarized in: political and economic “disintermediation”. I don’t know if it’s a Latin-American complex, but taking these principles as my basis, my proposal is that: the citizens don’t wait for governors or rich people; that they step up and form, in a non-governmental and a non-corporate way, an independent basic income. My proposal is that they don’t underestimate the ideal of mutually building a, not only libertarian, but also revolutionary basic income.

But what do I mean by revolutionary basic income? Nothing less than communities who own their public and private properties, financially associated to sustain their own basic income from their due social dividends, without depending on the kindness, help or goodwill of anybody. Besides that, a proposal that these common and associated patrimonial funds are socially invested and open with no obstacles to any people and collectives of peace in the world, so that the poorest members can also take their basic income from the revenues of these funds.

I, therefore, use the word revolutionary not as rhetoric, because the price may be financially small, but it’s high in terms of paradigm shift. I ask you, after deducting your income, to share more than merely profits, I ask you to share a new vision of the world where people don’t wait for anything free-of-charge anymore, without any superior entity on earth or in heaven, where they don’t expect anything from anybody other than simply equality in humanity.

I see the revolutionary basic income as a future where the free open initiative of a people will be capable of guaranteeing the inalienable rights of self-preservation and self-determination of all other peoples with solidarity; opening their minds to invention, investing together in their conjoint development, the guarantee of the basic income of a people opening its capital to guarantee the basic income of all peoples. In practice, a simple proposal: that the cities and communities are free to issue titles and capitalize their mutual funds as well as to invest directly and collectively in each other’s independent funds to finance their social revenues collectively and without intermediation.

From that exchanged investment between all the funds of the peoples in one another, it is possible not only to create a borderless security system based on the guarantee of the basic income, but also to guarantee the security itself in a network of these social systems. A proposal that not only follows the libertarian principles inherent to the unconditionally of the basic income, but also tries to present itself as an alternative to the economical and humanitarian bankruptcy of the unsustainable models of the old Nation-States.

May the basic income, as well as life, never be nationalized or privatized again, may the basic income and the natural properties be restituted to the true owners of its territories as it should be: as their inalienable fundamental liberties, and if the answers of the governments are the same as ours, we must always remember, so that we can correct them: we’re not asking for something that belongs to them, but instead for them to pay the dividends of a common property that is ours and not theirs, it doesn’t matter if these revenues are not enough or ideal. The basic income isn’t a governmental favor, it’s a natural right.

I thank you for the opportunity to once again express myself. You can also count on us for the action.

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