Free market, Free will, Self regulation

The need for provision of social consensus and guarantees of individual liberties against all forms of violence, starting with the state. Or the need to abolish all violations of natural law, starting with the governmentsYes, I also consider impossible to have a true free market if people do not have control of three conditions necessary for the fundamental right to self-determination:

1.Consensually decide what are the terms under which they want to regulate their negotiations.

2. Decide which individual markets and social contracts want to be part.

3. And mostly what the values of package not only legal, but of exchange values and use to consider match your expectations.

Governments today are not designed to ensure in fact free markets or protect free will, on the contrary they subsidize their violations to separate the individuals the necessary conditions for the full exercise of their free will as a vocation. And common monopolize governments, estatizam the law and tend to centralization by imposing the following forced preconceptions of:

· Exchange means (monetary and financial intermediaries);

· Values properties and identities (tangible and intangible);

· Authorities, communion and distinction (cognitive and personal).If the natural and individual freedoms were not only respected but actually provided as social duties in peacekeeping states would not only free including social markets, but new protection statutes of even stronger properties determined by:

1 natural and universal rights of self-preservation, self-determination respected and guaranteed as possessions and basic incomes.

2 free economic association and fully guaranteed policy even to design our own governments and economies since not aggressors or privadores the peaceful coexistence of rights of other persons and societies of peace.

In other words where no one can impose values, properties or businesses, services or crops against the free will of others, the players are required to provide legal, economic and political incentives to attract competitively volunteers for their societies and markets and even negotiations. And that just take on account of “market laws” the production of more efficient government and no longer disguised tyrannies for supremacy that may refuse to provide minimum subsistence without losing not only taxpayers but more importantly, followers of its constituent statute.

My proposal is therefore constitutional radicalization of collateral properties peace and individual freedoms in fact: Not only the prohibition of aggression or deprivation of possessions and means necessary to life and liberty, but mutual and voluntary provision of vital environmental and means the free design and association for all to live together in peace and diversity. A true state of equal authority and guaranteed basic freedoms. Or simply justice.Governments and regulations are so important and so fundamental individual rights which could never be imposed against the free will and without the consensus of all its constituent adults.

Government and laws are social rights and duties so fundamental that no one ever could have it imposed against him without first having been committed previously and conscious with their contract. Because as it is a fundamental social duty he never overlaps the natural right to life, liberty and design of these values. And it is in compliance with this free and natural order consisting or not the legitimacy of laws and governments.

X-Textos: Não recomendado para menores de idade e adultos com baixa tolerância a contrariedade, críticas e decepções de expectativas. Contém spoilers da vida.

X-Textos: Não recomendado para menores de idade e adultos com baixa tolerância a contrariedade, críticas e decepções de expectativas. Contém spoilers da vida.