from book: What we learned from the practice of Basic Income — A compendium of Writings and Data (Translation by Monica Puntel, Leonardo Puntel, Carolina Fisher and Revison by Tracy Halls. Art by Júlia Cristofi.)

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Citizenship full demand: ownership, control and enjoy what is rightfully yours.

When I’m the owner of something (even if I am not the sole owner) I have the right to enjoy and participation of the earnings. If I don’t have any earnings; if I don’t have possession nor control of anything; no particular property, nor common of my country I don’t own anything, but serve the actual owners.

The earnings of public properties should be unconditional and inalienably guaranteed by constitution.

If the common good of the property is everyone’s then it cannot be segregated, not even who benefited from the social dividends discriminated by any ways. The mere exploration governmental prerogative is robbery. And this crime of robbery adds to the attempt against life if the denial of basic earnings provision or access or common good is taken place against people without means to support themselves.

In other words I defend that the basic income isn’t only a solution of common sense for the humanitarian issues of the world, I’m affirming with all the letters that:

Where there are state and private monopolies of the common goods and social services the basic income denial constitutes as crime against human rights of all person, class or people devoid of property or private income to support themselves. Not only being able but should be characterized as crime against humanity every public resource not utilized on the vital minimum provision and that results on the inevitable and systemized death of the segregated.

It’s not only through shootings, throwing bombs or promoting forced marches that governments dispose of foreign people inside or out of their territories or even their own population of their own territory, not governments. Corruption or simply the inversion of values that deflects public resources from the vital minimum for other more important causes than life is a crime equivalent to genocide against vulnerable populations deprived by its own nationalization of means and resources for their natural rights to survive.

Basic income no longer makes sense closed and conditioned to nationalistic and geopolitics perspective, as mere public policy. Unconditional basic income, universal especially is a cosmopolitan tool for the liberation of people and population, not only on the humanitarian, but also on the naturalist sense.

In the twenty-first century, libertarian basic income needs to meet with the ecological principals and the ideal isn’t just that all human beings should have the right to basic income, but all living beings. Even if the conscience level of the being does not understand death, or conceive any transcendental continuity of life materiality. Every being — even if his intelligence is primitive and rudimentary — if endowed with self-preservation, self-determination and above all concept of itself natural capacity (or even artificial) should have the minimum vital and environmental natural right preserved as social duty, if the society in question has any legitimacy or justice disposal.

Yes, every being endowed with anima and sensitivity, able to give sense and meaning to his life has by nature the right to live. And if every living being has the natural right to provide and defend its own life by all means, in the peace state every severally intelligent being has the right to provide vital and environmental means that is capable of peaceful forms of life with its social voluntary responsibility.

Yes. I defend the right of coexistence of all kinds of life forms. And it deeply revolts me the fact that we have not managed to end the humanitarian issues in order to dedicate ourselves to the emerging environmental problems with the attention necessary.

Even those who are more concerned about the planet than the people should keep in mind the following: it is not possible to solve the environmental problem without solving the vital minimum issue; because man being the cause of the problems on the planet or not, he definitely will not be able to find solutions ever if he does not manage to fix his own humanitarian problems. Wars? Depopulation? Malthusaism? Dawinism? Eugenism? Forget it. None of that will work again, because the genocide mentality of man is precisely the problem with the planet and humanity; also the cause of economic and military disasters and consequently humanitarian and ecologic.

More than ever, we need something that exists only as an ideal, something that we consider our nature’s definition, but in reality is another projection of a cosmopolitan ideal for our species and not the observation of the animal behavior that still characterizes us. We need to establish ourselves and not only make statements on paper like human beings, an evolution that we will absolutely never achieve behind wall and boundaries and in trenches.

“First they took the blacks

But I didn’t care about that

I wasn’t black.

Then they came for the workers

But I didn’t care about that

I wasn’t a worker either.

Then they arrested the miserable

But I didn’t care about that

Because I’m not miserable.

Then they seized the unemployed

But since I have a job

I also didn’t care.

Now they are taking me.

Now it’s too late.

As I didn’t care about anyone

Nobody cares for me.”

Bertold Brecht


Just like all the socially vulnerable masses of people that were born or went to a territory, without property or guaranteed income, the refugees are subjected to suffer all types of crimes, violence, discrimination and marginalization; as well as being coopted for all legal and illegal organizations that live on this political and economic poverty; that feed themselves from the misery that is the lack of guaranteed rights beyond the hypocrisy of the laws.

Refugees, like all marginalized, are vulnerable of being lured as pawns of criminals, politicians above all. The worst kind of criminal fosters hatred and manipulates the population in order to take the innocent and the dependents of their patronage to confrontation and sacrifice — sometimes even for a bit of bread, a roof or a few bucks. You know this story, the same old social programs now intended for marginalized and immigrant populations.

Refugees are easy prey to the political party rabble and as welfare social program beneficiaries or for their xenophobic speeches. People that doesn’t care with their lives, that uses them for political and electoral means, academic and public careers, people who don’t have character or shame to entice them and even play them out against the police force and use them in protests in order to constrain or weaken their political enemies, trying to create “positive agendas” in order to take the media focus off their knaveries, or simply agendas for the complete lack of social programs.

Refugees like any other person in the fringes of society are fetish objects of the old populist and authoritarian politics of the right and left wing parties’ politics that are used on their platforms. The right wing is the xenophobic fascists and racists. The left wing is the power maniacs and their alienated activism. Useful idiots who hold two of the most appalling types of politics and politicians: the schadenfreude vultures. The right wing dealers of hate against the marginalized and nature, and the left wing labor social democrats that use the marginalized as currency exchange to obtain more power with the physiologists, the vast majority that supports anything and anyone as long as they themselves stay in power.

Fascists, Populists and Physiologists, all these political scoundrels using the lives of the populations as currency exchange and even for criminal and political economic blackmail in this balcony called representative democracy, this, when they are not provoking and cultivating humanitarian tragedies that maintain people in this state so that they can continue exploring them.

It is necessary to put an end to this criminal and genocide left and right wing, misery supporters who cultivate human indignity. These right wing fascists that need human marginalization and vulnerability in order to sell their hatred and violence speech, and the false left wing betrayer that uses the alienated as cannon fodder in manifestation, either as canvassers or powerless voters; betrayers who call themselves humanists, but are even greater hypocrites than those who criticize because they disguise their disdain for others to sell the population in exchange for positions and bad jobs.

More than anybody else, refugees need a guaranteed basic income. Why are people on the fringes of society in a state of greater vulnerability to political and criminal allurement?


Besides having no common capital (derived from its territory);

And almost no particular capital (derived from particular property)

Also, do not have the most important of the capitals, lost along with their territory, (capital which incidentally the vast majority of poor people are extremely rich in) social capital.

Refugees don’t have a social network capable of promoting mutual assistance. And they are in mercy of, therefore, two types that in the end are just the two sides of a coin:

The right wing xenophobe: which from time to time says that the land is theirs and tells the police to shoot all the marginalized especially the immigrants.

The left wing hypocrite: which never hands out money and moreover lures the dependents to be their activists of their protests specially when they play against the same police.

Six years ago when we said that we urgently needed to replace the bolsa família (family allowance) with basic income nobody but the government gave the minimum — and there were still people who feigned surprise when they were left isolated and persecuted.

Today I state it once again in capital letters:


The ignorance that what they plant will grow in the garden of poverty which you cultivate. Their power grows in their lack of solidarity, in their lack of altruistic intelligence. Because, my friend, if you’re not a complete idiot or a Nazi in disguise, you know that all human beings (Brazilian or foreign people) needs jobs; and even servile work is something rarer in the information society.

Ignore them once again, but later on don’t go calling the population stupid; because the stupid one is you. Because the sense of confidence and reciprocity of anyone is with who lends a hand, even if it’s a betrayer and a scoundrel. A poor man is the one who has to grab any hand that is reaching out in order to leave the pit, even if he knows that it’s the same hand which will be throwing stones at him. But the true moron is the one who even once out of the pit puts himself in the hands of these stone throwers and afterwards gets upset about his situation.

I have been setting off the panic alarms about this in Brazil and the world since 2012:

We need unconditional and universal basic income, or the authoritarian and totalitarian projects from the right and left wings will take over the world. Now I repeat this alert with more humanitarian urgency.

The longer we take, the more we will need it. It will become more expensive and with the lack of it will become priceless. By the way, there will be a time (and we will never know when this will come or if it is already here), in which this cost will be impossible to pay, which means that not even basic income will contain the rupture of the fragile fabric of society.

Altruism, the solidarity intelligence is not a moral whim, but a manifest of adaptation capacity of our species to survive the most diverse conditions in not only the natural world but also society. And it seems like it is up to our generation to determine how much (or not) as a society we are evolved to give us the tools to keep existing. If we are moving forward or if it’s just this: rational monkeys and suited and booted territorialists.

We will finally understand each other beyond the mere proximity and distance similarities and differences, or we will continue being this supremacist, idolatrous and segregationist species which believes that we have superior rights over the lives of other species, classes, gender, cultures, genes, generations and individuals?

Will we ultimately achieve the equality science of our differences? Will it be that we know how much we need equal social rights so that everybody is absolutely different in regards to natural rights if we are absolute equals in liberty and life? Will it be that one day we will understand that the natural right does not come from any moral principle, but ultimately from the absence of omnipotence, mythological and ideological supremacy in the natural order? Will it be that in time we will understand that we need to provide vital and environmental resources for all not for ideological or moral questions of libertarian or ecological order, but for questions of science of the generational and existential of life preservation not only material but transcendental to the mere specter of contemporary perception and rationalization?

Will it be that in the same way that we don’t eat wrought-iron nails, we will finally understand the simple concept that we can’t expect peace on Earth between beings that are deprived of the basics to co-exist? Will it be that finally we will be aware of the vulnerability and interdependency law which regulates all private and exosystemic life? Law not only natural, but because inescapably social consequence, upon which relies on peace and harmony of all social contracts. Law which the contractualist Thomas Hobbes enunciated in a non-simple but perfect way: even the most powerful of men need to sleep and he has a very fragile throat easily cut by the weakest of men.

In other words we are all naturally equal in our right to fight with all means necessary for life and therefore equal in vulnerabilities all the time we are alive and human — especially if helpless and isolated. Therefore we need societies that can guarantee the basics to everybody for one simple reason> because if vulnerability is an absolutely natural condition, violence is also, and both of them are absolutely circumstantial, which means that nobody is completely free or immune of injustice of either, nor of all the unpredictable facts interconnected to all of them.

If we really want to live in peace, free of violence and social vulnerability and not immersed in surveillance states and monopoly of violence immersed in the false sense of security, provision and life control alienation, if we want to leave these Platonic caves, of the bubbles and boroughs enclosed by walls and borders and guard-dogs then we need more than the rhetoric of our current Nation States designed to protect our castrated privileges of who has against who hasn’t. We need peace and justice that only states of equality founded with the guarantee of fundamental liberty such as basic income and property, political and economic inalienable rights without any kind of discrimination or segregation can be provided. Universal and integrated democracies. Alternatively embitter the end of the worst dystopias.

“They approach on the first night

and steal a flower

from our garden.

And we don’t say anything.

On the second night, no longer hiding themselves:

trampling on the flowers,

kill our dog

and we don’t say anything.

Until one day,

the weakest of them

comes alone into our house,

steals our light, and,

knowing our fear,

pulls out the voice from our throats.

And now we can’t say anything.”

Alves da Costa

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X-Textos: Não recomendado para menores de idade e adultos com baixa tolerância a contrariedade, críticas e decepções de expectativas. Contém spoilers da vida.

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